Are your commercials meeting the mark on Likeability?

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Likeability should always be #1 focus of any commercial.

We know that finding the balance in creating such a commercial takes creativity. Read on for 3 min.

Check out Thomas Cook’s recent commercial, it sure got our attention till the end. Creativity is everything in producing an ad that grabs the attention of your audience sending a message and creating bran awareness.

The keys to driving engagement on Facebook is to post video content that will inspire people or make them laugh or provoke curiosity.

In Thomas Cook’s latest commercial, we see this story keeping your attention until the end. Each day, a man awakes to find himself in a different bed in a different part of the world. The experience, while clearly very disorienting as some days are a mystery. Viewers are enthralled as he awakes in prison, a storage bin, a goat pen daily with anxiety trotting to nightfall we expect.

A queer but gripping premise of a new ad.

We’ll let you have a look see before we give away too much more:

Poor guy right, we are glad the silver lining eventually came.

Here’s what the experts are saying.

Buffer and Buzumo studied the reactions to 500 posts, and they found that Love and HaHa accounted for 81 percent.

Buffer and BuzzSumo said, “It’s important to note here that, more often than not, content isn’t necessarily loveable or funny to everyone. In other words, something that is ‘loved’ by one person might be ‘funny’ or even ‘sad’ to another, which is great news for brands and B2B (business-to-business) businesses because it means that content doesn’t need to be overwhelmingly funny or inspirational. Brands and marketers just need to know what their audience will find personally entertaining, which starts with an understanding of who they are.”

On that note, the three themes that emerged the most in analyzing the top 500 posts on Facebook were inspirational, funny and practical.

Buffer and BuzzSumo said speaker and storyteller Jay Shetty had the most successful post on Facebook in 2018 and several of the top 500 due to his inspirational content, which generates organic reach.

The two companies concluded, “The best part is that any brand is capable of creating this type of content. All it takes is a renewed understanding of what people are looking for on social media (specifically, your audience, as we mentioned above) and how you can deliver that to them on a consistent basis.” See the full report here.

Will 2019 see you just dropping mundane posts? Share your stories in creative new ways that will have your audience liking, reacting and sharing your content.

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Written by Lisa Hudson

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