• Lisa Hudson
  • January 10, 2019
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Are your commercials meeting the mark on Likeability?

It’s a Good Day to Chirp! Likeability should always be #1 focus of any commercial. We know that finding the balance in creating such a commercial takes creativity. Read on for 3 min. Check out Thomas Cook’s recent commercial, it sure got our attention till the end. Creativity is everything in producing an ad that […]

  • Chirp Digital
  • March 29, 2018
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Let’s Get Figital!

Let’s get Figital Digital! Yes, it’s a word, and it’s a reality everyone has experienced with the onset of digital devices.  The urban directory defines “figital” as the incessant fiddling with one’s digital device. Quite the norm in today’s world “if you ask me” for it’s simply the new way of life and has been for […]