Customer Experience Matters

Did you know every time someone from your company speaks with a customer, the experience rating falls somewhere between “exceptional” and “exceptionally awful.” Not getting this right can make all the difference when customers talk to their friends about your business. Get it wrong, and they’ll talk even louder and impactful..

Temkin Group research show that consumers talk about both great and horrible customer experiences – but unfortunately spread the bad more than the good. Even when customers stay silent, they’re more likely to keep a “very good” (34 %) customer experience to themselves than a “very bad” one (27 %).

Being able to control what your customers say about your business may be a challenging task, but you can certainly influence it. The key is to ensure customers experience authentic customer interactions. Here are some tips that have the ability to turn every customer engagement into an authentic conversation for deriving a positive experience.

1. Keep it Simple Stupid – Use informal language.

Keep it simple stupid, the KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal for avoiding that unnecessary complexity. What many entrepreneurs consider professionalism often times comes off to consumers as blandness or stiffness. Consumers are more comfortable when they are treated respectfully, listened to and spoken to like people.

2. Cut through the Clutter with Personalization.

Gather information before you actually start the conversation, so you can complete a needs analysis, answer questions efficiently and speak to the customer’s transaction history if required. According the situation, acquiring information for ensuring a quality experience will either make or break the deal.

In the case of electronic communications on average customers are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 marketing messages per day. In the case of email – enriching content with personalized details not only drives customer acquisition, but it also boosts loyalty with current customers. In building your email design and message use relevant data with the customer’s name, length of service and latest purchase details.

Lean on information that’s already been collected and analysed to maximize your investment and/or increase the ease of interaction.

3. Lighten the Burden of Action.

When customers call in with a problem, it’s typically after they’ve tried to solve it themselves. The last thing they want to be told is that they have to do more for getting results. Make the experience less frustrating by lightening the burden.

One guide to authentic service recommends that companies use language that shows positivity and proactivity. By saying things like, “If you can send us X, we can complete the process for you,” you can help customers see that your brand is willing to do the work to make them happy. Communicating empathy, patience and friendliness to the interaction also creates a more authentic customer experience.

4. Highlight the Important Stuff.

Whether you do business by phone or online, customers see legalese as inauthentic at best and “gotcha” opportunities at worst. Therefore, for Online, present information on a page, that’s one or two steps down the path to purchase. It shouldn’t be the last thing a customer sees, and it also shouldn’t show up below the “Buy Now” button. By phone, encourage reps to read at a “Once Upon a Time” pace that’s clear but not rushed. In both cases, explain the “why.” You’re legally required to provide disclaimers; you’re not trying to pull a fast one.

5. Connect Customers.

There’s no better salesperson than a satisfied customer. Give customers a sense of authentic connection encouraging them to leave reviews. Fortunately, social media makes this simple.  Encourage customers to become influencers, boosting authenticity through featured engagement and spreading those good feelings. After all, one person’s positive experience encourages others to believe they, too, could have a great experience.

Today’s consumers are more diverse than ever, and everyone cares about different things. Rather than try to appeal to everyone at once, make it easy on your brand by being authentic. Some people might not like what your brand offer, but those who do will definitely shout about it and become your most valuable customers.

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